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Registration: Farmington Summer Swizzle 2023 (Entry: Step 1 of 3)

Skaters planning to compete at Farmington Summer Swizzle 2023 may register using this online form. Online entries must be submitted by May 31 2023 (entries that are not electronically submitted by the due date must be pre-approved and are subject to a late fee of $15.00). Entries submitted online are not considered final until your payment has been received and acknowledged, but please understand that the stated entry deadline is the date by which the online part must be completed; your payment may come later but must be postmarked by 72 hrs after online registration.

Please review the fields below and be sure you have all the information needed before you start, also be sure that you are connected to a printer because you will need to print your payment coupon at step 3. The competition announcement and other important information can be found on the Competition Info page. If you have additional questions, please contact as follows:

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In accordance with USFSA rules, your coach must be registered with USFSA or with SkateCanada. Your coach will need to check in upon arrival at the competition at receive credentials in order to put you on the ice. For more info on Coach Registration Process, view the USFSA page about this process. Note that coaches under age 18, or those who are coaching only Basic Skills are currently exempt from this requirement.

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Note that the same rules/requirements apply to second coaches as do to your primary coach.

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